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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the most effective way to deliver oxygen throughout the body resulting in profound impacts on health optimization and disease treatment. Every cell in the body requires oxygen to live so when oxygen delivery is impaired, disease is imminent. Conversely, when oxygen is present, cells thrive. Some of the many benefits of HBOT include improved brain function and healing, improved total body tissue healing, reduced inflammation, and improved lifespan. HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen while lying in a pressurized chamber (1.3-2.0 ATA) resulting in a 1,200% increase in blood oxygen levels. HBOT sessions last 30-60 minutes and are tolerated very well by most people.

    • Brain and Nerve Health: The brain comprises only 2% of our total body weight but uses around 25% of our total oxygen consumption. Impaired oxygen to the brain results in cell death. Flooding the brain with oxygen results in improved mental functions, improved healing, and improved removal of toxins. Similarly, peripheral nerve regeneration improves with HBOT.
    • Systemic Tissue Healing: Tissues heal faster and more completely in the presence of oxygen; and many harmful bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen.
    • Inflammation: HBOT has been shown to reduce harmful inflammation through a number of different mechanisms. Improved microcirculation and cellular function facilitate appropriate immune system response. Numerous inflammatory conditions or autoimmune diseases respond positively to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
    • Longevity: Although there has yet to be enough research to prove that HBOT extends life, all indicators are that it does, including demonstration of up to a 20% increase in telomere length.


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