Functional Training

Functional Training

Through the lens of Physical Therapy and current Exercise Science we’ve combined disciplines like Cross Fit, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Interval Training and Mobility Training in an adult group fitness environment that gets results for lasting life change! Functional Training classes can accommodate low intermediate to high level abilities with appropriately matched intensity, volume and type of exercise. BPi Functional Training is an innovative approach toward fitness with the goal of keeping you injury free, energized and engaged in lifelong wellness.

Knight, PTA

What’s Included?

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • InBody Biometric Scan – A body composition test
  • Quarterly evaluation
  • 3x/week, 60-75 minute classes
    • Additional days available
  • Free Injury Assessment
  • Complimentary Recovery
    • Theraguns
    • Compression Boots
    • Ice Packs
    • Foam rollers
    • Other massage tools
  • 10% discount on additional Recovery services



Monthly Training


Monthly Training + Individual Design

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